Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah next week is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated athlete interviews in recent memory.

Recent reports suggest that Armstrong is considering an admission of using banned performance-enhancing drugs, but whether if he'll do it during the Oprah interview and how he'll reveal it is anyone's guess.

If you think you know what Armstrong will say, you could make a pretty penny. That's because the British bookmaker Ladbrokes is now taking bets on words and phrases that the cyclist will utter during the interview.

Do you think Armstrong will say 'Never tested positive,' 'confess' and/or 'innocent'? Even odds. Meanwhile the phrase 'British Press/media' and the name of Armstrong's former teammate, Floyd Landis, are longer odds (both at 4/1).

Via Cycling Weekly, here's the complete list:

--Sorry (1/4)
--Apologize (1/4)
--Confess (even)
--Conspiracy (1/2)
--Innocent (even)
--David Walsh (2/1)
--Paul Kimmage (2/1)
--Sunday Times (4/1)
--British Press/media (4/1)
--Witch hunt (2/1)
--Integrity (6/4)
--Never tested positive (even)
--Livestrong (1/4)
--Team Sky (8/1)
--Bradley Wiggins (4/1)
--Sir David Brailsford (8/1)
--USADA (4/6)
--WADA (6/4)
--Tour de France (1/8)
--Floyd Landis (4/1)
--Tyler Hamilton (6/4)
--George Hincapie (4/1)
--Johan Bruyneel (4/1)
--Dr. Michele Ferrari (5/6)
--EPO (6/4)

(H/T to Game On!)

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