In the grand scheme of things, Damaris Johnson's 98-yard punt return against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday didn't mean much. True, it made the final score closer with about 30 seconds to play, but it didn't ultimately affect the game's outcome. The Cowboys pulled out the win, 38-33.

But Johnson's touchdown did make an enormous difference for gamblers everywhere. Because the spread on the game was 9.5 points, Johnson's score provided a dramatic swing in Las Vegas.

Business Insider has the story of one extremely unlucky person who dropped $50 on an eight-team NFL parlay. This gambler nailed the first seven games, and just needed the Cowboys to hold onto their 11-point lead in order to cash in on a roughly $18,500 prize.

Maybe it's for the best that the Eagles pulled within 10 points. After all, this person had gotten extremely lucky with some earlier results. He or she correctly picked two overtime games and another contest that came down to a last-second touchdown.

Here's the entire parlay:

Seattle +4 (beat Chicago in overtime, 23-17)
Green Bay - 6.5 (beat Minnesota, 23-14)
St. Louis straight up on money line (beat San Francisco in overtime, 16-13)
Arizona +7 (lost to the New York Jets, 7-6)
Indianapolis straight up on money line (beat Detroit, 35-33)
New England -6.5 (beat Miami, 23-16)
Denver -6.5 (beat Tampa Bay, 31-23)
Dallas -9.5 (beat Philadelphia, 38-33)

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