One gambler recently turned $100 into $25,772 thanks to some savvy betting and a lot of good luck.

According to Beyond The Bets, a man parlayed 23 games at last weekend, starting with Oregon-Arizona State and San Francisco-Seattle on Thursday.

After correctly picking the Ducks and the 49ers, he had 21 games fall into place on Saturday. The only underdog he picked was Kansas State, which crushed West Virginia, 52-14. There were several nail biters in this spread, Ohio State's overtime triumph over Purdue, Michigan's narrow win over Michigan State and Louisville's two-point victory over South Florida.

Once Oregon State finished off Utah on Saturday night, this guy was $25,772 richer.

Here is the entire parlay:

Oregon -300 (beat Arizona State, 43-21)
Wisconsin -780 (beat Minnesota, 38-13)
Bowling Green -780 (beat Massachusetts, 24-0)
N. Illinois -660 (beat Akron, 37-7)
Rutgers -205 (beat Temple, 35-10)
LSU -165 (beat Texas A&M, 24-19)
Ohio St -940 (beat Purdue, 29-22 -- overtime)
Vanderbilt -260 (beat Auburn, 17-13)
Notre Dame -500 (beat BYU, 17-14)
Alabama -1100 (beat Tennessee, 44-13)
Michigan -350 (beat Michigan State, 12-10 -- winning FG with 5 seconds left)
Florida State -1300 (beat Miami, 33-20)
Louisville -245 (beat South Florida, 27-25)
Tulsa -1300 (beat Rice, 28-24)
Mississippi St -880 (beat Middle Tennessee, 45-3)
Kansas St +125 (beat West Virginia, 52-14)
Florida -175 (beat South Carolina, 44-11)
Central Florida -1300 (beat Memphis, 35-17)
Texas -340 (beat Baylor, 56-50)
Fresno State -675 (beat Wyoming, 42-14)
Oregon State -400 (beat Utah, 21-7)
49ers -380 (beat Seattle, 13-6)
Clemson -310 (beat Virginia Tech, 38-17)

(H/T to Big Lead Sports)

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