What's wrong with a little office pool? Apparently quite a lot when your office is an elementary school.

A fifth-grader was called to the principal's office for organizing his own NCAA tournament pool at his Omaha elementary school. Max Kohll is so confident North Carolina will win the title that he decided to get his buddies to fill out brackets.

The plan seemed simple enough: Max set a $5 entry fee for his friends at Columbian Elementary in west Omaha. The winner would pick up half the pot, with second and third taking home a split of what's left.

Not having a job, Max took out a $5 loan from his mother, Janet Kohll, to cover his entry fee.

The 11-year-old would have gotten away with his plan had Principal Kathy Nelson not stepped in and blown the cover off the tyke's scheme. Rather than praise his entrepreneurial skills, she told the boy to cease and desist.

"You can't gamble in school," Max humbly told the Omaha World-Herald. "It's not OK to gamble. It's like, illegal, sort of."

Principal Nelson then lectured Max's class on the evils of gambling before calling mom Janet with the news. But the stay-at-home mother of five was fully aware her son had organized the NCAA pool and didn't have a problem with it.

"I didn't even blink!" Janet Kohll said Tuesday. "I make sure I don't send plastic knives to school in his backpack. I never thought about gambling."

The story has a happy ending: Max has entered his family's NCAA pool, organized by his 8-year-old brother, Leo.

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