Despite the popularity of gambling on its games -- or maybe because of it -- the National Football League has long held a wary stance against Las Vegas. The league even blocked NBC from promoting its show "Las Vegas" during a football broadcast.

And yet one of the league's most powerful and respected owners is reportedly eyeing a big casino deal.

Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, invited Steve Wynn to Sunday's game with the hopes of combining resources to take advantage of a new state law authorizing three resort casinos in Massachusetts. The pair may team to build the massive project just outside the stadium in Foxboro, according to

Wynn, who is credited with helping the Las Vegas Strip's rebirth, was schmoozing on the field with quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick before New England win over the Indianapolis Colts.

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Wynn, who has made more than $2 billion in the casino industry, is interested in 200 acres across from Gilette Stadium, according to

Kraft and Wynn envision a casino complex that would bring in $15 million of projected revenues to the area. They also plan to add 7,000 permanent jobs at an average salary of close to $40,000, the Boston Herald reports.

The deal has many legal loopholes that must be completed before it can be completed. The Massachusetts state Gaming Commission would need to approve it, as would Foxboro officials.

The Miami Dolphins are also reportedly looking into a casino next to the team's stadium if the Sunshine State ends up expanding its gambling options, the AP reports.

The NFL has rules that block casino ownership, but it's expected the Pats and Fins owners will find few road blocks in their efforts to buck the gambling odds.

Patriots owner, casino developer talk business at game:

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