Not everyone believes in the magic of Tim Tebow, and one boxing star's skepticism may have paid off in an huge way.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. is believed to have wagered $1,000,000 on Tom Brady's New England Patriots beating Tebow's Broncos on Dec 18. While it didn't look good in the first quarter, the Pats ended up annihilating Denver, 41-23.

Mike Colbert, sports book director at M Resort, wouldn't tell respected reporter Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal if the rumored million-dollar bet was true, but (more importantly) he didn't deny the story. The gambling boss said he wasn't allowed to go on the record about individual bets, even for celebrities who often tweet betting slips like Mayweather does. Colbert did admit "Money" is "a valued customer who frequents the books quite often."

As the boxing world dreams of Manny Pacquiao stepping into the ring against Mayweather before they're both old enough to pick up their AARP cards, Floyd has been slightly more muted since getting in trouble with the law.

He'll be serving 90 days on a domestic violence charge, for battering the mother of his child. The 34-year-old will report to jail Jan. 6.

Mayweather, from Grand Rapids, Mich., is a five-division world champion, owner of seven world titles, and a 42-0 record with 26 knockouts.

Clarke reports Mayweather's alleged bet has been the "buzz around local sports books."

The boxing legend often has members of "Team Money" make bets for him, which is not illegal in Nevada -- as long as the actual person making the wager doesn't get paid or admit to making the bet for someone else.

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