It probably shouldn't be a shock that someone named Andrew Luck is bringing good fortune in Las Vegas.

Including Saturday's thrilling 56-48 triple overtime win against USC, Stanford hasn't lost against the wise guys in Vegas in more than a calendar year. The Cardinal has the nation's longest winning streak at 16 games, but even more incredibly, it has absolutely owned the sports books.

Stanford is a staggering 13-0-1 against the point spread since last season. If you had placed a $100 wager on the Cardinal's first win in the streak against the Washington Huskies last October, then let the winnings ride each game, you'd have won a mind-numbing $447,351 and counting, according to RJ Bell, Las Vegas gambling guru of

Oregon State is a 21-point underdog as it plays host to Stanford this week before the Cardinal enter a Nov. 12 showdown with the Oregon Ducks.

Stanford's ranked third in the nation in scoring offense, averaging 49.5 points per game and 13th best in scoring defense, allowing just 17 points per game.

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