USC (minus 8 1/2) vs. Utah.

The first game in the new Pac-12 between the Utes and Trojans was literally as insane gambling-wise as there has ever been. I'll take my chances with that statement against any Bad Beat in the history of history and I mean that as literally as literal could be.

USC led 17-14 in the waning seconds. Utah was on the march. On a 4th and 10 near midfield Jordan Wynn completed a pass that appeared to go 11 yards yet the referee said it went nine to the USC 39-yard line. Lane Kiffin and the Trojans celebrated, believing the game was over. But then it was announced that the play was under review. After a few minutes the ball was spotted where it should have been originally and that meant a Utah first down with still about 20 seconds on the clock.

On the next play there was a USC pass interference moving the ball to the 24-yard line with only 11 seconds to go. The Utes were without any timeouts and therefore brought in the field goal unit to attempt to tie the game and send this thing into overtime.

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Colem Petersen's kick was blocked and Torin Harris rumbled all alone 68 yards for the score as time expired making the final score 23-14 and a USC cover by a hook.

But wait, the USC sideline was so excited that the players ran on the field during the play, leading to an unsportsmanlike penalty erasing the touchdown but still ending the game with the original 17-14 score. Unbelievable right!??!?!? Utah covered the game as that last touchdown which was scored was not counted. Wow!!!!

There's more.

Two hours after the game ended the Pac-12 came out saying that the referee's ruling to not allow the touchdown was incorrect as the penalty was not on any of the 11 field players and therefore the touchdown would count and officially according to the conference the game would end 23-14.

Oh my Lord!

What the heck do the sportsbooks do now!??!?!?!

"Now we lose double," a supervisor at the MGM Mirage Sports Book told the Los Angeles Times, "because we'd already cashed out. We can't collect from people we already paid."

Like I said as incredible as it could ever get. Only the Robin Ventura walk-off grand slam single about 13 years ago in the playoffs can relate to this one.