Florian Mayer (plus-4 games) against Andy Murray.

The world's top tennis players are preparing for the French Open at the Rome Masters this week. Florian Mayer, a 27-year-old German, has been establishing himself as a top notch player. He is still no Andy Murray obviously, but Mayer was getting 4 games and things could not have been any better early on.

Mayer took the first set 6-1 meaning that he was now up a whopping 9 games and pretty much was going to win going away. Now realize he could still lose the match but cover in terms of the games. But then the almost impossible happened as Mayer would literally only win two more games the rest of the way and lose the match in improbable fashion 6-1, 1-6, 1-6 and also failing to somehow cover the spread by a game.

This may not be a hardcore gambling sport like a football or basketball but this beat was extremely improbable and ridiculously gut wrenching. If I had to equate this to the pigskin, I would say it would be like the Colts at home blowing a 28-point lead with five minutes to go at home against the Jets in a pick'em game.