Miami (minus-3) vs. Virginia, (total of 121).

It was the first round of the ACC tournament. Despite the small number, Virginia was the clear-cut better team for most of the way and led 52-43 with just 48 seconds left. Mustapha Farrakhan stepped to the line for UVA looking to make it a double-digit game and he did by sinking the first but then missed the second. But this thing was obviously in the bag up 10 in the waning seconds.

Or was it?

Miami's Durand Scott nailed a three to get within seven and then Virginia's Joe Harris missed a pair of free throws. Still though nothing truly to be concerned about. I mean, come on: Up seven late and getting a three points. Game over.

Once again, or was it?

Julian Gamble buried a triple to cut the lead to 53-49. Then after a bad Virginia turnover, Gamble converted a slam to all of a sudden get within 53-51. That's an 8-0 run in literally 28 seconds and there were still a full 20 seconds left. And that could be an eternity.

Tony Bennett's Cavs turned it over one more time leading to a Scott layup to tie it at 53-53. After each team turned the ball over, we were shockingly headed to overtime.

All of a sudden all bets were off as there are five minutes of "bonus action" and a three-point number suddenly becomes extremely coverable and the over, which had less than no business even being talked about, suddenly has a shot.

Fast-forward to the end of the extra session where a potential nightmare just became a reality for anybody who played Virginia and/or the under as the final score was 69-62 Miami.

Besides the unthinkable Hail Mary or a 90-foot buzzer-beater or backdoor intentional sack with no time remaining this probably is as bad as it could ever get.