It’s January 26 and I’ve already blown it. Man, I had such grand plans for 2011. Drink protein shakes in the morning, do 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups every day, watch less TV and read more books, go to bed before midnight during the week. Those were my New Year's resolutions.

In three weeks I have had one protein shake (it tasted like scotch tape and blueberries), done 37 total push-ups/sit-ups and stayed up late watching “The Making of Caddyshack” on A&E and “LadyHawke” on Starz4 and reading three pages of my book.

So I’ve decided its time for a do-over (and that I lack a certain ability to be, um, disciplined). Time for new New Year's resolutions. And I’m just going to focus on sports … something I feel like I can control.

1) I’m going to try and believe every single athlete, coach, owner, athletic director, general manager or owner when they say things like: “I never touched that girl.” Or, “It’s not about the money.” Or, “I have never taken performance enhancing drugs.” Or, “They have my total vote of confidence.” Or, “I want to spend the rest
of my career in Cleveland.”

2) I’m going to stop reading the ESPN ticker at the bottom of the screen. There is waaayyy too much info on that thing now. It’s like, yeah, I’d like to know if the Lakers won but do I really need to know that the No. 175-ranked high school football player signed with Northern Illinois and what he ate for dinner and whether we wears boxers or briefs.

3) Soccer. Not sure what to do with that one.

4) I am going to appreciate the fact that I get to watch some of the greatest players in the history of the NBA play every night and not complain about how they are selfish egomaniacs.

5) I am going to draft a quarterback with my first pick in my Fantasy Football draft this fall. And I am NOT going to read any Fantasy Football magazines. They all had Jerome Harrison as a second-round pick! I don’t know who Lindy’s or Athlon are but they suck at fantasy football.

6) I’m going to listen to more baseball games on the radio. I live in LA so I’m spoiled with Vin Scully but there is just something about the flow of baseball that makes it a great radio sport.

7) Soccer? What are we thinking?

And lastly, whenever I get down and start to think sports is just a cold-hearted business and has lost all it’s innocence and passion, I’m going to watch this kid do Kurt Russell doing the Herb Brooks speech
from “Miracle.” Enjoy.