So we started a magazine, ThePostGame. Only you can’t find it at a magazine stand. Tricky, I know.

This is my corner of said magazine, which should allow me the freedom to write, speak and generally communicate without the limitations of a standard sports column, which I’ve written for Yahoo! Sports since August of 2003 and will continue as usual.

I’m not sure exactly what this page will entail. They’ll be some shorter writings, some blogging, some links, Twitter and the rest. I’m planning on a fairly regular podcast feature: “The Five-Minute Podcast” that will be topical and entertaining. Or that’s the hope.

Some stuff will be longer. Some shorter. I’m working on producing some recurring video show ideas and an open to others. I may allow some guest writing. Mostly this can serve as a place to tell stories big and small.

I’ve written features, columns, gamers, investigative stories, breaking news. books, screenplays and even the back of a few Wheaties Boxes through the years. What’s another outlet?

The internet changes rapidly, something new every year. You can never do your job the same way you did it 12 months (or even 6 months) prior. So this is the new next thing for Yahoo! Sports. And for me.