By Katie Rosenbrock

A great trail race promises incredible scenery, varying terrain and maybe even a little bit of an uphill challenge (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Every year runners in the U.S. have about 1,400 trails races to choose from, according to Runner’s World. Of course, the most popular take place amidst some of the country’s most celebrated landscapes and have something unique to offer for all types of trail runners.

The following trail races feature everything from rugged mountain trails and rolling ridge lines to lush forests and clear coastal views. And those are only a few of the highlights that make them worthy of being added to your racing bucket list.

Whether you're in search of a relaxed course that allows for the enjoyment of all that Mother Nature has to offer or you're after a relentlessly rugged challenge, these must-run races represent some of the most highly rated trail events across the United States.

Must-Run Trail Races

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