By Katie Rosenbrock

Some trail runners prefer the challenge of conquering the most rugged of terrains while others thoroughly enjoy the calming effect of a relaxed run through a soft, tree-lined dirt path.

Some are exhilarated by the demands of a continuous climb and others are more delighted by the rollercoaster effect of undulating hills.

Whatever style of off-road running you love most -- and there are so many different kinds -- you can make a safe bet that somewhere in the U.S. there's a splendidly scenic path that can make all your trail running dreams come true.

To help pinpoint which U.S. running trails are the best of the best, we called on a team of experts comprised of some of the country’s most experienced and well-versed trail runners. From the rugged wilderness of Vermont and sweeping views of California’s coast to the beloved landscape of the Grand Canyon and Alaska’s incredible backcountry terrain, this list is a collection of their top trail running recommendations.

Best U.S. Running Trails

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