Columbus is pretty hyped right now. The defending national champions are 38-3 overall and 24-0 in the Big Ten regular season since Urban Meyer took over in 2012. The Buckeyes are expected to be ranked No. 1 when they open the season at Virginia Tech.

Some Buckeyes fans are so excited for the season they cannot wait to see the band spell out the "Script Ohio." They had to do it themselves even if they lack musical talent.

Script Ohio

Reddit user "orweezy" posted a picture to the reddit Columbus page of the "Script Ohio" on a map. Orweezy and friends walked 19 miles to manually draw the O-h-i-o on Google Maps. For artistic pleasure, the dot over the i was designed to be Ohio Stadium.

Orweezy gave a nod to his coworker friends, who he said came up with the idea with him. He also acknowledged walking 19 miles was not the brightest medium to go through the route.

"We got like 8 miles into it and thought…. 'you know, this would have been better if we biked it,'" orweezy wrote. "It took us 6 and a half hours of walking but we made a few bar stops so from 6:30am through 2:45pm. We were doing a work competition about fitness and the metrics used was time, so we walked everywhere and I think we just carried it over. I would rather bike it next time for sure."

Interesting decision to mix fitness and bars, but anything goes in a college town.

A curious reddit commented asked orweezy how he or she was able to make it home after walking 19 miles. Luckily, a new form of car service has made this easy.

"We all met up at our friend's house then Uber'd back and forth," orweezy wrote.

Orweezy gauged interest from reddit users about a possible fundraising event in the future using the same route. Fellow users appear to be supportive. Right now, everyone is positive about everything in Columbus.

There is no evidence this stunt will help Meyer choose between J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones as Ohio State starting quarterback, though. The coach still has that i to dot.

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