Some say he's crazy and others believe he's "clinically insane," but Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh is nothing if not determined.

The former Stanford and San Francisco 49ers coach, who will do just about anything to motivate his players, showed serious perseverance in scoring a date with his wife, Sarah.

Harbaugh opens up about his courtship in an interview with HBO Real Sports correspondent Andrea Kremer. He says he met Sarah, whom he married in 2008, at a restaurant. He asked for her number and proceeded to call her nine -- yes, nine -- times before getting a return call.

"I could tell she was a winner all the way," Harbaugh says.

That is dedication. The fact that Harbaugh remembers the exact number, he called her nine times, might mean it's something he's proud of. And he should be, seeing as he got what he wanted.

The couple has two daughters and a son. They've also starred in this hilarious Dockers commercial after Jim received some criticism for his less-than-stylish wardrobe:

Incidentally, Harbaugh was asked about his khakis during his interview with Kremer. He said he wears them mostly because of convenience.

"I like the khakis," Harbaugh says. "If I wear them every day, I don't have to spend time thinking about what to wear. It saves 5-10, at least five minutes, maybe 15 if you're just standing in front of your closet, trying to think of, otherwise, what the right or appropriate outfit is to wear."

For another clip from the special, in which Harbaugh talks about growing up in Ann Arbor while his dad served as an assistant coach for the Wolverines, see here.

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