After his dismissal as head coach of Nebraska, Bo Pelini wanted to say goodbye to his players. He found an off-campus location at Lincoln North Star high school where he could use the gymnasium to give one final talk to players and say goodbye to each one individually.

The evening was a healing one for many of the players, who found closure in hearing Pelini's perspective while getting the chance to wish him well. But for the staffer that gave Pelini access, the unapproved event is taking a bite out of his wallet.

The school district is fining the worker, who had a connection with Pelini, a fee of $262.50 for failing to go through the proper channels in approving Pelini's meeting. A spokesperson said the fine will be used to cover custodial and utilities costs associated with the event, according to the Lincoln Journal Star.

Administrators were allegedly unaware that Pelini would be using the school for his meeting.

Fortunately, Nebraska fans quickly came to the rescue of the staffer and started a fundraising campaign to cover the cost of the fee. In less than 24 hours, the campaign had already raised more than double the amount of the fine.

The campaign web page says the additional funds raised will be donated to the Team Jack Foundation.

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