In Lone Survivor, Mark Wahlberg stars as Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. The movie tells the true story of Luttrell's harrowing mission against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Luttrell, who received a Navy Cross and Purple Heart, gave a motivatonal speech to Alabama's football team before the Tide's 25-20 victory against No. 1 Mississippi State. As you might suspect, his words made quite an impact on the players:

There is video of a speech from Luttrell making the rounds on the Internet, but The Sporting News reports that it isn't the one he gave to the Tide.

The Blaze reported that it found at least four cases in which copies of the video removed: "It’s unclear if the video was officially sanctioned by the university, which later realized its mistake, or if it was created by a third party who found an old clip of Luttrell and layered in other graphics and clips."

That said, it is still a clip worth checking out. (NSFW warning for some language.)

Mark Wahlberg, The Sports Fan

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