Auburn may never beat Alabama in more stunning fashion than it did last year, when a missed field goal was returned 109 yards for a game-winning touchdown.

Chris Davis is even less likely to experience anything that matches the euphoria of being the lucky return man. And now, one lucky fan has a signature link to that classic moment in one of college football's greatest rivalries.

And it only cost them $47,190.

That's the price paid for Davis' helmet in an auction that was completed early Sunday morning. The helmet was auctioned off by Goldin Auctions, who had rightly expected that the helmet would net the highest price ever paid for a college football helmet.

The Auburn helmet blew away the previous known high for a helmet, set earlier this year when a helmet from Archie Griffin's Heisman-winning campaigns of 1974 and 1975 was auctioned off for $28,680.

The high price for Davis's helmet might have been helped out by the recent history of the game.

There's also no apparent indication that Davis received any money from the sale, which would be a violation of NCAA regulations.

Indeed, how unfair would it be for him to have profited off his own accomplishment.

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