An auction house will be taking bids on the helmet worn by Chris Davis when he returned a missed field goal 109 yards for a game-winning touchdown against then-undefeated Alabama in last year's Iron Bowl.

The helmet features a signature from Davis, formerly a cornerback and kick returner now with the San Diego Chargers. The words "Game Used Iron Bowl 2013" is also inscribed on the helmet's exterior.

It is believed that Davis wore the helmet for the majority of the 2013 football season.

According to Goldin Auctions, the helmet was acquired from a family friend of Davis, and bidding for the item will start at $5,000. The auction house believes, however, the the price will reach at least $25,000 before it is sold.

In addition to the helmet's history, another factor that will drive up the price is that game-worn helmets are rarely made available for auction. This gives them a much higher market value than, say, game-worn jerseys.

Earlier this year, an Ohio State helmet worn by Archie Griffin was sold for $28,680 at auction. Depending on who takes an interest in Davis' helmet, that price could be matched or surpassed.

Bidding on the helmet will be open until Nov. 1.

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