By Jordan Rabinowitz
Lost Lettermen

Here's what we do know about Lee Corso: He's the genial, sagely figure of college football, whose word on who will win the marquee game of each Saturday on College GameDay has been gold for over two decades. We also know that once upon a time, Corso was a pretty good college football player and coach.

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But there’s a lot today’s viewing audience doesn't know about Corso and the intriguing life he's led so far. Let's go underneath the mascot head and reveal five things you didn’t know about America's favorite picker.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Lee Corso


1. His College Roommate Was Burt Reynolds

Many football fans know legendary actor Burt Reynolds was a tailback at Florida State. Many also know Corso went to and played football at Florida State. But few know that the two were roommates in their Seminoles days. Tallahassee must have been some place to be in the 1950s with Corso and Reynolds galavanting around campus together. Corso once said he used Reynolds as bait to pick up girls, which is great field awareness. More Lost Lettermen: 21 Reasons People Hate Notre Dame Football


2. His Nickname at FSU Was 'Sunshine Scooter'

Corso got the moniker at Florida State for how quickly he moved on the football field, and even if it didn't derive from his football skills, it would still make perfect sense. You take one glance at Corso and just know that's a guy who goes by "Sunshine Scooter." More Lost Lettermen: 21 Things Hiding in College Sports Logos


3. Corso and Deion Sanders Are Tied On FSU's All-Time Interceptions List

Sanders is regarded as one of the greatest defensive backs in college and pro football history -- Corso, of course, is not. But you will be surprised to know Corso and Sanders each finished their Seminole careers with 14 interceptions, third in school history. In fact, Corso was the record-holder for 24 years before Monk Bonasorte departed in 1980 with 15 picks. Only Bonasorte and Terrell Buckley (21) have more interceptions in a Florida State uniform than Corso and "Primetime."


4. He Once Had His Team Pose in Front of Scoreboard for Picture During Game

In 1976, when Indiana took its first lead over Ohio State in 25 years, a 7-6 advantage in the second quarter, Corso knew it was a huge moment as Hoosiers coach. So huge, in fact, that he had his team pose in front of the scoreboard during the game, mostly to get back at OSU coach Woody Hayes. Remember, this wasn't the first win against the Buckeyes in a quarter-century -- it was Indiana's first lead, period. Indiana lost 47-7, but Corso still used the shot for the next year's recruiting brochure.


5. Corso Also Works for a No. 2 Pencil Company

When he isn’t analyzing college football, Corso moonlights as the director of business development for Dixon Ticonderoga.
For all these years, you’ve probably been thinking Corso’s pencil-waving is an oratory tactic to further get his arguments across. Turns out it might just have been subliminal advertising for his favorite No. 2 pencil. At least he knows where his bread is buttered.

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