LSU freshmen got a little help moving into dorms this week from none other than the players on the nation's 13th ranked football team.

Les Miles' guys hit the pavement Wednesday to help incoming students carry bedspreads, books, backpacks and much more. And this wasn't just the bench players who were helping out. Quarterback Brandon Harris, who is competing for the starting spot, and stud running back Terrence Magee were spotted lending a hand:

By assisting students, the players not only provided a much-needed helping hand, but they also put their team in the good graces of the class of 2018. Not that LSU, which routinely sells out its 102,000-seat stadium, is lacking in support from its student body, but it's always nice to start on the right foot.

Speaking of feet, hopefully the LSU players were able to avoid the fate of Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles, who injured his foot recently while moving out of a dorm.

The Tigers open their season in Houston on Aug. 30 against Wisconsin.

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