Nothing, it seems, went right for Oregon this weekend.

On Saturday night the Ducks had their perfect season -- and national championship hopes -- dashed in a heartbreaking loss to Stanford.

One day earlier Oregon's mascot, Puddles, suffered a painful loss of his own. During a skydiving stunt for ESPN's College Gameday, Puddles lost his head as he prepared to jump from a plane. This looks like it hurt:

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Fortunately for Puddles, his head was found on a farmer's field and returned to Oregon. No one was injured, but maybe Puddles should consider wearing a helmet next time he jumps out of a plane.

Looking back, perhaps this was a bad omen for Oregon, which missed a field goal in overtime and lost 17-14 to the Cardinal. It's been a rough few months for Puddles, who launched a failed presidential bid before losing his head in this stunt.

And now with Oregon losing its first game of the year, you've got to feel for Puddles. Maybe he should take some time off, fly south, and return after the winter. He could use a break.

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