Imagine all the Arkansas fans living life in peace...if Jon Gruden took his talents to Fayetteville.

Three Razorback supporters made a creative plea this week to the Monday Night Football analyst and rumored coaching candidate. They fashioned a song to the tune of the Beatles' hit "Hey Jude," except the Arkansas guys called their masterpiece, "Hey Grude."

"Hey Grude, don't make me sad. / Become the head Hog, and make us better. / No titles since 1964. / Come through the door, and make us better. "

"Hey Grude, leave ESPN. / Come to Fayetteville to beat Nick Saban. / You are exactly what we need, / here is our plea, come make us better."

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These guys are actually pretty good. They nail some sweet harmonies and look genuinely interested.

They are also much better and less creepy than the last Arkansas fan to take to YouTube to show support for the Razorbacks.

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