If "Dancing With The Stars" has proven anything, it's that you'd better be in good shape to hang around on the show. It's one reason why Hines Ward, Kristi Yamaguchi, Emmitt Smith, Apolo Ohno and other athletes have won the competition.

With that in mind, check out the moves from this tyke. His routine only lasts about a minute, but try doing it a few times. It'll be a fun way to boost your heart rate, even just a little bit.

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By MuscleShred.com

Exercise is exercise, right? So who cares if you're outside at your local track or in the gym at the treadmill? Well, one is better than the other.

Can you guess which one?

And the winner is ... the track. Many studies show that exercising outdoors can help improve your stress levels, anger, depression and your overall mood. Now this does not mean the treadmill is by any means "bad" for you, or that you have to only exercise on the track. It just gives a little bit of a different outlook on exercise.

Here are just a few cardio benefits of working outdoors.


For those of you that fight to burn every single calorie you can during your workout, you may benefit from exercising outdoors, especially if you're running. Here's the deal: The treadmill is great for running -- you can set your treadmill to 5 mph and stay there for an hour. Now, try running at 5 mph outdoors for an hour. Chances are you will feel tired and winded before the hour is even up. Why? The belt on the treadmill helps to push your feet along. Outdoors, there is no belt that is helping you -- it's strictly your own two feet doing all of the work.

Another calorie burner while running outdoors is the terrain. If you're running on the sidewalk in your town, you are going to experience a difference in terrain every couple minutes; the small difference in the ground can make a big difference in your workout.

One more thing that may increase your calorie burn is temperature and wind. Running against the wind requires you to push a little bit harder than you would normally have to inside on a treadmill. Temperature plays a big role also. Your body burns more calories in the heat and in the cold. Whether it's 100 degrees or 30 degrees outside, your body needs to fight to keep your body temperature normal. If you're exercising outside in 100 degree weather, your body is burning calories like a maniac just to try to cool your body down. The same rule applies to exercising in the cold.

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Sub three hours, ten minutes. Sub three hours, forty minutes. For years, these were the respective marathon times that male and female runners had engrained in their heads for Boston Marathon qualification. Complete a marathon on an approved course under these time parameters (adjusted upwards with age), and you had an entry to participate in the annual Patriots Day party in Boston.

Times have changed. Just achieving those "qualifying" times doesn't mean you can necessarily make arrangements to line up at Hopkinton on the third Monday of April with 25,000 others and try to continue to the finish line on Boylston Street.

Unlike your local marathon or even larger ones in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles that register in excess of 45,000 runners each year, Boston is more selective. You cannot just sign up or pay an excessive fee (celebrities and other special exemptions aside) to run Boston. The official field is roughly 27,000, with 20,000 designated for the qualifiers, and the competition for those slots is intensifying.

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