Nothing is as monotonous as the treadmill run. That's why you see so many iPods, TVs, and even clocks in the gym. But an El Paso, Texas, woman has come up with her own way of making the time go by -- and she's made the treadmill cool even for those sitting at home on our laptops.

Harris has become the web's "dancing queen." It's not just that she's dancing on a moving treadmill; it's that she's dancing with ease, style and grace on a moving treadmill.

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El Paso's KDBC News reports Harris is spotted often by fellow gym-goers who are mesmerized by her moves. The routine started when Harris was told that walking sideways on a treadmill would help her knee strengthen after an injury suffered during martial arts. After one pirouette, the lightbulb went on. A few moves have evolved into a full-blown improvisational routine, which has garnered her the attention of national TV shows.

Is this the start of a fitness craze? It's possible. Be careful if you feel like trying this at your gym. But at the very least, allow yourself to be inspired by a little artistry in a spot that's as dull as it gets.

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