Omar Ndiaye averaged 16.2 points as a junior, which was good for third on the team at Monte Del Sol Charter High School in Santa Fe, N.M.

However, he was the highest scorer for players who have just one hand.

Ndiaye was born without a right hand, but he has not let that stop him from becoming a lethal southpaw ballhandler. A video of Ndiaye highlights unveiled on YouTube this week is starting to go viral after being picked up in USA Today.

Ndiaye has the talent and athleticism of a college basketball player. He also has the grades, as USA Today reports he has a 3.5 GPA. Obviously the physical constrictions may deter college programs from offering scholarships.

If Ndiaye does receive a Division I offer -- his recruiting profile does not seem to suggest he has one yet -- he would not be the first to make such an achievement. Zach Hodskins, also with one hand, is set to be a preferred walk-on with the Florida Gators this season.

Ndiaye, who is 6-1, still has another year to put his skills on display at New Mexico gyms. After his recent highlight reel, he is sure to create some buzz on the road and at home.

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