Torrey Smith and his wife, Chanel, are quickly making their case as the most adorable couple in sports.

Back in March, before they were married, they teamed up on a wonderful motivational rap for Chanel's students (she's a teacher outside of Baltimore).

Then, when they had their engagement photos taken in June, they combined for some pretty cute images. Like this one:

After these feats of cuteness, it's understandable why people would have high standards for the Smiths' baby announcement. And Chanel and Torrey did not disappoint.

Chanel posted the below photo to her Instagram page, and Torrey quickly borrowed it for his account.

Torrey and Chanel get an A+ for creativity and humor here. Very well done.

Judging by Torrey's face in the photo, as well as a tweet he sent out Monday, it's pretty clear whose idea this was:

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One of the first things we learned about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick when he stepped on to the national scene last year was that he loves his haters.

After scoring a touchdown, Kaepernick would kiss his tattooed biceps, a clear message to the critics who think his body art is excessive. The celebration became known as "Kaepernicking."

Now Kaepernick is facing some more adversity. His 49ers are off to a 1-2 start, and he has struggled to produce at the same rate as last year. Naturally, Kaepernick is receiving lots of hate on Twitter. And he loves it.

The 25-year-old has been favoriting all the spiteful tweets he's received, Here's a sample:

It's not uncommon for athletes to feed off negativity. LeBron James did it during his first season in Miami. But it is unusual for an athlete to go out of his way like this for his critics. You've got to hand it to Kaepernick for his unique use of Twitter. There's a reason he was voted onto's list of 100 sports figures to follow.

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As if Saturday night's loss wasn't painful enough for Wisconsin fans, former coach Bret Bielema's wife poured salt in the Badgers' wound with a spiteful tweet shortly after the team's heartbreaking defeat.

For those who missed it, Wisconsin was driving late against Arizona State when quarterback Joel Stave went to center the ball for a potential game-winning field goal. But due to some confusion on the refs' part, the Badgers did not have enough time to spike the ball after Stave's kneel and the Sun Devils came away with the narrow victory.

What was nearly a thrilling, road victory for the Badgers turned into a devastating 32-30 loss.

Meanwhile, down in Fayetteville, Ark., Jen Bielema couldn't help but feel a little happy with the Badgers' misfortune. Bielema's husband, Bret, left Wisconsin for Arkansas after leading the Badgers to three consecutive Rose Bowls.

This got quite a response out of the Twitterverse:

Bielema defended herself with this retweet, but by that time the damage was already done:

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Aaron Craft, Ohio State's star senior guard and All-American heartthrob, asked for his girlfriend Amber Petersen's hand in marriage this week. And female Ohio State fans are devastated. Absolutely crushed.

Matt Norlander of Eye on Basketball noticed that the heartbroken tweets were in coming in hot and heavy, and they have not stopped. Below is just a sampling of the dozens we saw on Twitter (and we weren't even looking that hard).

Here's the tweet that started it all:

And the ensuing avalanche of tears:

But perhaps the best tweet came from this guy:

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Social media is wonderful because it allows professional athletes to chronicle their incredibly extravagant lives. These are things the average person most likely will never experience.

But services like Instagram, Twitter and Vine also allow athletes to share their more, well, mundane activities. And often these are the moments when we can relate to them the most.

Take DeAndre Jordan, for example. The Los Angeles Clippers big man is a social media maven with more than 300,000 followers on Twitter. And while it's neat to see Jordan post photos of himself dressed as a superhero, it's also fun to read the hilarious texts he sends to his mom.

"Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Vine whatever it is, people love that," Jordan told ThePostGame in August. "It kind of takes them off the court and gives them a different perspective, which I think people definitely enjoy."

This week Jordan took his followers behind the scenes once again, posting several Vine videos of his physical. Nothing grandiose or over-the-top, but something we can all relate to.

Pretty cool, huh? And, of course, Jordan being the jokester that he is, he had to throw this Vine in for good measure:

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Being retired is hard for many former football players, especially watching the first regular-season game not in uniform. So recently retired Ravens center Matt Birk decided to get into game spirit by putting his helmet back on.

"Just watching the game," he wrote. "Ready if needed."

The Baltimore Ravens definitely needed something Thursday night, though probably not Birk. Regardless, he kept a fairly amusing running commentary on his Twitter account throughout the Ravens' 49-27 loss in Denver. A few of our favorites:

Birk announced his retirement in February.

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After weeks of flirtation, Detroit Pistons forward Andre Drummond finally met his crush over the weekend, and it was everything he thought it would be.

In mid July Drummond first posted a photo of iCarly star and country music singer Jennette McCurdy on his Instagram for "Woman Crush Wednesday."

It's unclear how or why Drummond developed a crush on McCurdy, but he followed up that initial photo with more over the following weeks:

McCurdy took notice:

After all that anticipation, Drummond and McCurdy finally met in person recently. And by the looks of it, they had a great time together:

(H/T to For The Win)

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Jen Bielema, the First Lady of Arkansas football, is quickly endearing herself to Razorbacks fans.

Whether it's posting pictures of herself wearing a hog nose or feeding an actual hog, Bielema knows how to make her Twitter followers happy.

One of her most recent tweets has gotten more than a smile out of fans, it has started a cool and catchy new trend.

Jen posted a photo of her and her husband, head coach Bret, "throwing the A." That is, arranging their hands in an "A" formation:

The trend has quickly caught on:

Jen's husband got the Razorbacks off to a good start over the weekend with a 34-14 drubbing of Louisiana.

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)

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