Was James Harden trolling the Thunder's pick in the NBA draft Thursday night on Twitter? An eagle-eyed reporter at the Sporting News reportedly saw this tweet come from the former OKC player's Twitter account:

@JHarden13 "Steven Adams loooooooooooooooool"

Adams, a 7-foot center from Pittsburgh, was the draft's 12th overall pick.

Later Thursday night, Harden of course denied sending the Tweet. Which is totally possible -- people grab other people's phones all the time.

But if it's true that he did send it, we would understand: After all, Adams was taken with a pick that the Thunder got after trading Harden to Houston. And Adams doesn't seem to nearly have the beard to make up for the Harden's departure.

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Evan Mathis sure knows how to keep his Twitter followers interested.

The Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman, who recently posted a photo of himself urinating on a sign outside the IRS building, recently tweeted a lucrative proposal to his nearly 30,000 followers: get Amanda Bynes to follow him and win $500. As Mathis confirmed to Sports Illustrated's Jimmy Traina, the offer is real.

Sounds simple enough, except for the fact that Bynes, who has been in the news recently thanks to a slew of legal issues, only follows seven accounts. And unfortunately for Mathis, none of those are athletes.

This isn't the first time Mathis has tweeted about Bynes. In fact, the 31-year-old has shown an unusual interest in the former child star.

Bynes has yet to respond to, or follow, Mathis.

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Everyone's had some issues with the Miami Heat fans throughout the playoffs (life lesson: never leave a game early, especially when you have LeBron James and one of the game's best clutch shooters on your team and it's totally likely that you're going to make some miraculous comeback).

But even this random shot from the Baltimore Ravens' official Twitter account seems a bit out of nowhere:

Though hilarious.

But, according to the Associated Press, an estimated 400,000 fans lined the sweltering streets of Miami for the parade on Monday. When the Ravens won the Super Bowl, 200,000 lined the streets, according to reports.

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More Heat: LeBron James Game-By-Game Through Playoffs

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Spurs fans can put any worries and/or conspiracy theories to rest after a series of tweets from LeBron James and Danny Green clarified why the San Antonio Spurs was spotted at the Heat's victory party after Miami's Game 7 victory in the NBA Finals.

On Friday when photos surfaced of James and Green embracing, Green received some flak from Spurs fans for showing up to to Story nightclub. As it turns out, Green's move appears to be quite honorable. The 26-year-old Green, one of the best stories of the NBA Finals, only went over to James to congratulate him on a hard fought series. The two were teammates on the Cleveland Cavaliers for one season.

Some people may be wondering why Green was even at the club just hours after one of the most devastating losses of his career. That remains unclear, but in Green's defense, he may not have realized the Heat were coming to Story. Last year after winning the title the Heat partied at the nightclub Liv, and many expected them to go there again. But James, Dwyane Wade and Co. surprised many by going to Story.

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Even Arby's has no use for Tracy McGrady.

The former NBA superstar, who is a benchwarmer for the San Antonio Spurs after playing most of this season in China, was the wrong end of a joke made by the fast food chain's official Twitter account.

Ouch. That's a rough way for McGrady to go down. Not only did he have to spend a season playing in China because he couldn't catch on with an NBA team, he just got burned by Arby's.

But thankfully, the fast food chain showed it has a good sense of humor.

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Apparently, Twitter is the new Craigslist.

Who needs a classified website when you can sell your dog much quicker on the popular social media platform?

After not sending out a tweet in several weeks, Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins wrote to his 55,000 followers this week that he needed to get rid of his 10-month-old English bulldog because it was too big to be around his young son.

And the asking price was quite reasonable:

Perkins even tweeted some photos of the pooch:

Somehow, this is exactly the dog we pictured Perkins to have. He is, after all, known as one of the meanest players in the league.

Perkins got some responses, and he told his followers that they could come over and pick up the dog whenever they liked:

Finally, less than an hour after his original post, Perkins tweeted the following:

Well, that didn't take long.

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Tahiti, a small island in the South Pacific, made its debut at a major FIFA tournament, taking on African champion Nigeria at the Confederations Cup in what seemed like the beginning scenes of Cool Runnings. It didn't go so well for them, with Nigeria getting out pretty early to a 3-0 lead. But that didn't really seem to matter to them: The team and their Twitter account seemingly went bonkers for each small on field success.

Some of the best tweets from @Tahitifootball, an account whose entries sound similar to how our parents used to cheer for us in our recreational soccer games growing up:

1. When they came close to scoring:

2. When down by 2:

3. Down by 5:

The club, according to the Associated Press, has only one player on the squad who has ever played internationally and many have day jobs as delivery boys, truck drivers, physical education teachers and accountants.

"The players are all aware there is a chasm between the professional and amateur world," the coach told the AP before the game. "I think tomorrow we will not be on a par with Nigeria ... they have been professional for years.

"But mentally we are ready. We will fight like lions and we will do anything to represent our country."

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The final score was Nigeria 6, Tahiti 1. But for Tahiti, it really seemed to be not all about winning, but how they played the game.

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A wildly popular and highly controversial Twitter account that posted sexy photos of women wearing Kansas University apparel burst into the spotlight recently when the school took legal measures to shut it down.

The account, called KU Boobs, gained thousands of followers during the past 12 months. It started in the spring of 2012 when a Kansas fan posted a photo of her cleavage along with the hashtag "#kuboobs" as a sort of good luck charm for the team. That year the Jayhawks stormed to the Final Four. The rest is history.

This movement, or as the account deems it, "Boobment," naturally inspired a popular Facebook page as well as similar Twitter accounts for other college fan bases.

In one year of existence, KU boobs page has more than 60,000 followers. Below are a sampling of their photos:

But this week, and quite unexpectedly, the account posted the following tweet:

The issue? The school was upset that the group was selling wristbands with "KU" on them, even though proceeds were to be donated for breast cancer research.

After much upheaval, and even a "#savekuboobs" movement, an associate athletic director cleared up the confusion:

In other words, KU Boobs lives on in a less profitable form.

Once fans became abreast of the good news, they celebrated with, what else, more boob photos.

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Chris Kluwe is no stranger to writing articulate letters.

The outspoken punter (formerly of the Minnesota Vikings, currently of the Oakland Raiders) made headlines last year with a controversial letter he penned to Maryland state delegate Emmett C. Burns Jr. Kluwe is a strong supporter of gay rights, and he was mocking Burns for the delegate's suggestion that Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti should prevent his players from openly supporting marriage equality.

Kluwe has gained acclaim as a pioneer for gay rights and for acceptance in the locker room, and his activism even earned him an invitation to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Pride Reception at the White House. Unfortunately for Kluwe, the Oakland Raiders have planned their mandatory minicamp for the same time: June 11-13. Kluwe, who was released by the Vikings after last season, realized he had to decline the invitation.

But being who he is, the 31-year-old RSVP'd in hilarious Chris Kluwe fashion.

Here's the text of Kluwe's response:

Dear Mr. President (or whoever reads these things, I'm sure he's probably pretty busy (hello underappreciated email answering person!)),

It is with great regret that I must decline your invitation to attend the Reception at the White House for LGBT Pride Month on June 13th. I would really really REALLY like to be there, but unfortunately, not even the President of the United States is allowed to supersede an NFL mandatory mini-camp practice (at least insomuch as I understand the new CBA, though I could possibly be mistaken), and as a current member of the Oakland Raiders I owe it to both my teammates and my coaches to be fully prepared for the upcoming season.

I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity though, and if anything else were to ever come up it would be my distinct honor to attend. Unless we have a game. Or practice. Or mandatory hot yoga classes (we don't really have those).

Respectfully yours,
--Chris Kluwe

p.s. if you really wanted to, I'm sure I could make a late supper if an F35 were to pick me up at the field right after practice. Just saying.

p.p.s Please don't do that. Then I'd be *that guy* on the team. You know. *That* guy. (Plus it also seems an extremely unnecessary waste of taxpayer dollars)

You've got to hand it to Kluwe here. While it would be an incredible personal honor for him to visit the White House, he remains committed to his teammates and the Raiders. So now, as CBS' John Breech notes, Kluwe's only chance to step inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would be if Oakland won the Super Bowl. And he probably shouldn't hold his breath.

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