Imagine buying tickets for you and your family to attend a sporting event only to find out on the day of the game that the order was flubbed.

You might be forced to spend hours on the phone with the team's ticketing office, trying to sort through the mess. Or, like Minnesota Twins fan Alex Berg, you could get a little more creative.

Berg tried to buy four tickets online for a game between the Minnesota Twins and the Texas Rangers. But when game day arrived, something had gone wrong.

With tens of thousands of followers and an extremely busy schedule, professional athletes don't always have time to respond to their fans. And it's especially difficult on game days. But Perkins responded quickly, and his interaction with Berg is a perfect demonstration of the beauty of Twitter.

Tip of the cap to Perkins for helping out a fan in need.

In the past year, Twitter interactions have led to ticket giveaways, impromptu games of catch and even a wedding invitation. Not too shabby.

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Kobe Bryant won't be on the court for the remainder of the season, but rest assured, Lakers fans, the superstar guard will never be far away.

After undergoing surgery on his torn Achilles tendon over the weekend, Bryant's long-term future is in question. While most believe he'll return to the court, it's unclear whether he'll ever be at full strength again. There's even been talk of why the Lakers might be wise to amnesty Bryant.

In the short term -- the next two weeks, to be specific -- Bryant will be forced to rest his leg. That means little, if any, movement.

After willing his team into the playoff hunt during the past few weeks, one can imagine how hard it will be for Bryant to watch the Lakers on TV as his achilles heals. But the uber-competitive 34-year-old will have some connection to his teammates.

Talk about dedication. Most injured players watch from the sidelines or from the locker room, but not many are actually coaching the team while they heal. This speaks to Bryant's incredible loyalty to his team and his incessant desire to help in any way possible.

It hasn't been the easiest year for Bryant -- he's had to adjust to new teammates, a new coach and the rare struggle to get into the playoffs -- but Lakers fans have to be encouraged by his strong will in the face of what appears to be a career-altering injury.

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Reaction from pro athletes to the video of former Rutgers coach Mike Rice verbally and physically abusing his players was swift and -- mostly -- unified.

LeBron James, Jared Sullinger, Jalen Rose and many more current and former pros came down hard against Rice:

But Chipper Jones, the former Atlanta Braves third baseman and future Hall of Famer, chimed in on Wednesday, and his reaction was quite unique.

It's hard to know what's more troubling -- that these things happened to Jones, or that he actually thinks what went on at Rutgers was acceptable. Times have changed, and telling players to "toughen up" after repeated incidents like these is simply not the answer.

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