If you live in or around Tampa, now's the time to dig out your Rays gear.

Tampa Bay ace David Price announced on Wednesday that he'll be giving away 100 tickets to the Rays' opener against the Orioles on April 2.

Price hasn't made clear exactly where or how he'll be handing out the tickets, but he's given out several clues.

Price is far from the first athlete to give away tickets on Twitter, but few players actually hand the tickets out in person. Sometimes they'll run a contest on Twitter or give the tickets away to a lucky follower.

So what Price is doing isn't just a cool way to engage followers on Twitter, it also allows him to get to know his fans in the Tampa area.

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)

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As Denver Broncos fans have painfully learned this offseason, a player's best wishes are sometimes negated by an agent's error.

Even though Elvis Dumervil wanted to re-sign with Denver, his agent missed the deadline to fax the team his contract. The Broncos released Dumervil, and he subsequently signed with the Baltimore Ravens.

Recently, another veteran defender had some agent issues. Terence Newman, an unrestricted free agent who spent the last year with the Cincinnati Bengals, is looking to finalize a deal (perhaps stay with the Bengals).

But Newman's got one problem -- he can't find his agent. So Newman, who is represented by Ben Dogra of the Creative Artists Agency, sent out a tweet asking for help.

This situation is a little strange because Dogra is a very high profile man. He represents lots of NFL players, including Adrian Peterson, Robert Griffin III and Mario Williams. It seems bizarre that Newman would have such a hard time getting in touch with him.

Newman is clearly comfortable on Twitter, so maybe he should try tweeting at CAA Football.

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Bill Belichick took his first foray into the world of Twitter, and contrary to what some might think, it was quite informative.

The New England Patriots coach is known for his non-answers and his unwillingness to open up to the media. And so it was safe to assume that Belichick had little interest in the ultimate sharing platform, Twitter.

But the 60-year-old Belichick jumped into the social media world head first Tuesday, and his Q&A provided some insight into the world of one of the most innovative coaches in sports.

Belichick answered questions through his girlfriend's Twitter account. He dealt with everything from his favorite candy (Junior Mints) to his favorite Bon Jovi song ("Bounce").

A noted workaholic, Belichick called the NFL Draft "fun" and said the biggest priority for the Patriots this offseason will be "better coaching." But he also mentioned that there's more to the offseason than planning for next year.

OK, so nothing groundbreaking here, but it's definitely a cool way for a coach to engage with the Twitter universe. And enjoy it while you can, Patriots fans, because this might be Belichick's last Twitter appearance for quite some time.

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New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman wants to gauge Chipper Jones' interest in joining the Bronx Bombers, and he doesn't care if the entire world knows it.

With New York in desperate need of depth at third base, Cashman wanted to send out a feeler to the recently retired Atlanta Braves legend. But because Cashman didn't have a number for Jones' agent, he told beat reporters to tweet about the team's interest in hopes of a response from Chipper.

That's certainly an interesting strategy for one of the most powerful men in Major League Baseball. Was there no other way Cashman could have connected with Jones? Did he really think that having the media tweet about the Yankees' interest would be the best way to approach a future Hall of Famer?

Whatever Cashman was hoping, it didn't work out. After being approached on Twitter, Jones quickly took to the social media service to deny any interest:

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