After Jeremy Lin nailed the game-winning three-pointer Tuesday night in Toronto to give the Knicks their sixth consecutive victory, other athletes responded by lighting up Twitter with more #linsanity.

Chris Paul
"Watching this Knicks vs Raptors game...HUGE shot by @JLin7 #Respect"
How I See It: #stillwishiwasaknick

Reggie Miller
"OK, I GIVE IN!!!!!!!!!!! Its Legit!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!"
How I See It: Knicks fans still aren't too fond of you.

Eddie Royal
"So this jeremy lin guy is pretty good huh?"
How I See It: That's coming from a Tim Tebow receiver.

Kirk Morrison
"The year of the dragon. #EnoughSaid #JeremyLin"
How I See It: Cause that's not racist. #learnfromfloydmayweathersmistakes

Michael Strahan
How I See It: This guy once struck fear in NFL quarterbacks?

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Alex Morgan
""@SI_Swimsuit: @alexmorgan13 will appear in #SISwim 2012 in BODY PAINT!" -Surprise!"
How I See It: First SI Swimsuit appearance means Alex has two career options: The Kournikova route (flop at your spot and fall back to modeling) or the Sharapova route (still be really good at your sport).

Jennie Finch
"Mexican Food = No Will Power for me! I lose every time! #IAteEveryCalorieIBurnedToday!"
How I See It: Yeah, you're definitely fat and ugly, Jennie. No woman wants to look like you.

Amar'e Stoudemire
"Thanks to Jeremy Lin & The Knicks, Y'all help me get my mind off my Bro for a few hours, Thx. Great game guys. Enjoy the win. Travel safe."
How I See It: #imlookingforwardtohavingapointguardagain @raymondfelton @chaunceybillups

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Aaron Rodgers
"Just read this quote by Bruce Lee, "the less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be". Maybe I was wrong about the pro bowl?"
How I See It: Has Bruce Lee ever been in danger of being tackled. You can't beat Ray Lewis with kung fu.

Deion Sanders
"So clean im dirty."
How I See It: So reserved, you're Prime Time. OK, that's sarcasm.

Victor Cruz
"I play this game for my family and the people from Paterson, NJ that understand the struggle. #BapBap"
How I See It: With all due respect to Paterson, NJ: "It's a town full of losers and I'm pulling out of here to win." -Bruce Springsteen #salsa

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