Michael Strahan
"@JustinTuckNYG91 LOL!! Never hating.... Just observing the truth. Great game man!!"
How I See It: Come on. You don't hate the Cowboys too? Five years ago, ESPN could have inserted your name for Justin Tuck's.

Emmitt Smith
"The little Giants the movie is on and my kids are watching it. How crazy is that! Wow :-)"
How I See It: Be a good Cowboy and turn it off. Of all weeks, you're really going to let them watch it this week?

Antonio Pierce
How I See It: An ex-Giant talking to an ex-Cowboy. What is going on here?

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Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
"Me @lilkim @jackielong and @Earl_Hayes on our way to @FeverPgh #TheMoneyTeam"
How I See It: Well, these tweets are going to stop soon. Estimated Twitter hiatus: 90 days.

Jimmer Fredette
"Kellen moore is about to be 50-3 in his career. That is impressive."
How I See It: #MountainWestHallofFamers

DeAndre Jordan
"any shoe that i'll get jumped/shot/killed over is overrated, but then again...you'll still have a pair of concords! dumb."
How I See It: Someone's trying to look good for Chris Paul.

R.A. Dickey
"should be some americas funniest home video footage to share. i'll post if so."
How I See It: Starring the New York Mets.

Herculez Gomez
"It's official.. HG16 lives on. My new number with Santos, 16! What should I put on my jersey? Herculez, Gomez, Herc, or @herculezg? ??"
How I See It: All I can think about is Metta World Peace putting @thugraider37 on his jersey.

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Jimmer Fredette
"Signed the deal today so I'm finally an NBA basketball player now! Excited to be apart of the kings organization!"
How I See It: College sports megastar + Criticisms that he can't play at the pro level + Unique religious faith = Basketball's Tim Tebow?

Andy Roddick
"@timtebow haven't seen much of you in the news recently....... How's everything been going???"
How I See It: You're too funny #fairweatherfriends

Tim Tebow
"Praise the Lord! Couldn't be any prouder of my teammates for believing in each other 'till the very end. GB²"
How I See It: ... and God for knocking that ball out of Marion Barber III's hands. I really appreciate it.

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Elvis Dumervil
"Im out twitter world...have a bless night"
How I See It: Little Tebow rubbing off on the teammates.

John Elway
"I see evidence of the Mile High Magic coming back - A memorable performance by our team, including the best fans in the NFL!"
How I See It: Someone in the Broncos front office needs to sit Elway down and tell him to deal with Tebow magic or get of town. Mile High Magic was his era. It's Tebow Time now.

Chad Ochocinco
"Ocho was still a virgin at 17,I'm not suited to give advice RT @le_braun217: chad, I got my 17 year old girlfriend pregnant.. I'm scared"
How I See It: Don't ask Tebow for help either.

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NFL, Tim Tebow

Lamar Odom
"When a team trades u and it doesn't go down? Now what?"
How I See It: And you thought the Kardashians were a soap opera ...

David West
"Whoa there...."
How I See It: Now I might get traded? Hold on a second.

Dwight Howard
"Breaking news. Jus signed five yr deal with the mighty ducks. Let's get this flying V going. Lol"
How I See It: At least somebody has a sense of humor about all this.

Kris Humphries
"Just saw people ice fishing! The lakes aren't even frozen all the way. CRAZY!"
How I See It: Back to Lamar's comment: They're a worse soap opera. Get out of LA ASAP.

LeBron James
"At my niece "Chubbs" middle school game. They not doing to well. 36-6 in the 2nd period. Ouch!! #livetofightanotherday"
How I See It: When can she opt out and join forces with the other team's star?

Dirk Nowitzki
"Eine legende verabschiedet sich. War ne super letzte sendung. Emotionales ende. War froh, dass ich dabei sein durfte. Alles gut tommy!"
How I See It: Translation: Despite all these trades, I'm guaranteeing a repeat.

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Hope Solo
"Holiday vacation is officially over! Back to work baby! My man Ivan working his magic! #fb http://t.co/CXELof7W"
How I See It: It's nice to see Hope Solo realizing she's a sex symbol.

Amar'e Stoudemire
"Laila Tov! Goodnight fam. It was a "good" day with my @sesamestreet friends http://t.co/OqKqpMhn"
How I See It: Hey, Chris Paul. Look at some of the opportunities you get as a member of the New York Knicks!

Tiger Woods
"After getting about 5,000 questions I posted my answers video to Facebook. Check it out: http://t.co/mwpsDMD3"
How I See It: Remember when you treated your fans like dirt? Life would so different if you didn't crash that car, wouldn't it?

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Scottie Pippen
"Hanging with @kanyewest & family @larsapippen & @SammyYounan last night @unitedcenter http://t.co/JRkm14Cb"
How I See It: That's Kanye's "Say Cheese" face.

Shaquille O'Neal
How I See It: What will be more watched this season, NBA games or TNT in-studio coverage with Shaq and Charles Barkley?

Alexander Ovechkin
"Me and my girlfriend Maria....she is my queen!!!! http://t.co/B7rUsStB"
How I See It: But isn't Sidney Crosby king of the NHL right now?

DeSean Jackson
"A wise man said one day you'll understand.. Take it 4 what it Iz an keep pushing!! Another yr down!! Im blessed to say.."
How I See It: Blessed to say another year down? Are you giving up on the 4-8 Eagles? And my guess is that wise man is not named Andy Reid.

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