Alex Morgan
"Watchin some MLS... Chicago fans get your butts to their games, way too many empty seats"
How I See It: You watch the MLS? Alex, you just lost a lot of respect from Americans.

Nick Barnett
"Carson to the Raiders could be dangerous!! Excited to see him back in the league..."
How I See It: Why did it take a Jason Campbell injury to get this trade done? Carson Palmer's been the better quarterback the whole time ...

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Jared Sullinger
"Executive decisions by me and @erav30osu"
How I See It: In other words, @kyrieirving and @brandonknight, look at me! I'm going to be playing basketball this year! I made better decisions than you.

C.J. Wilson
"Boarding the plane headed 2 STL #thisboatisreal ---only about 650 miles, anyone driving back and forth?"
How I See It: P.S. I got the ball in Game One. @Clifflee, hope Philadelphia was fun this season.

David Carr
"Congrats Carson, throw the ball to Kevin Boss and Welcome back bro, pumped for you"
How I See It: Wise words from a fellow first overall pick who never reached his potential.

LeBron James
"Watching CSI: Miami "Look Who's Taunting" with @SavannahRB. We glued to the TV. Love this show!! I need to make a cameo soon. #Actor"
How I See It: Does CSI: Miami have a strong enough supporting cast for you? Can you act with David Caruso being the only other superstar on the roster?

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How would you react if four cases of Girl Scout Cookies were delivered to your place of work? You'd be thrilled, right? (All eater's remorse aside, of course).

Not Oklahoma City Thunder forward Nick Collison.

Sure, the idea of all those cookies had to be exciting when the official Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma Twitter account sent a tweet to Collison to inform him four cases had been delivered to the Thunder offices. But the NBA lockout and nasty negotiation process has soured Collison on even the scrumptious treat known as the tag-a-long.

Collison is of course referring to the current amount of revenue the owners want in the lockout negotiations, and found a nifty comparison. There's no better reason for the owners to make some concessions at this point than the fact that they've spoiled the cookie that's the most impossible to spoil.

Who says no to Girl Scout Cookies? OK, Collison didn't actually say "no," but anything other than a four-hour binge is a "no" when it comes to those delights.

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Ndamukong Suh
"So it's crazy that my parents get to chill with #KIDROCK and @revrunwisdom !! #LOVEDETROIT #Lions #SUHsquad"
How I See It: #5-0 #livingthelife

Tim Tebow
"Philippians 2:3 GB²"
How I See It: Tim Tebow will be the Broncos' starting quarterback in Week 6.

Jimmy Rollins
"How are the flyers doing so far?"
How I See It: Google them, you lazy bum. Someone's bored at home a little earlier than expected this season...

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Dwyane Wade
"Good night world...2morrow my job a daddy is back on..."
How I See It: Being a dad is nice, but can you focus more this week on your job negotiating an NBA season. Thanks.

Victor Cruz
"No prob RT @SunnyDooWop: @TeamVic it was a pleasure meeting u... thnx for the pic!"
How I See It: But next time, catch the ball.

C.J. Wilson
"Amazing. NELLLLLSONNNNNNNN. TEAM win, defense, relievers, and #boomsticks. Oh and mark lowe was the splashman- not me. Watch the replay!"
How I See It: Cliff who?

Alexander Ovechkin
"its was hard back to moscow,but its life....happy to be back!!!!"
How I See It: Was that English?

Kris Humphries
"Didn't realize that the Today show was 4 hrs long! Kim better be entertaining #watched4hrsofTodayshow"
How I See It: This is the same person that hundreds of thousands of people watch do nothing every week. She'll be fine.

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Mark Jackson
"Daily Word- Luke 1:37- For with God nothing shall be impossible. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!"
How I See It: Including a Golden State Warriors NBA title?

Dirk Nowitzki
"Dear tony romo. Don't worry abt all the critics. I heard that same garbage for a long time. Keep working hard and keep improving."
How I See It: Wise words from the Kaiser of Dallas.

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Myron Rolle
"@cponder7 Do you want to put an end to this 'Who is the smarter Nole' debate & challenge me in a 3 game series on Words w/ Friends?"
How I See It: You could just show him your Rhodes Scholarship Certificate, but I guess Words With Friends works too.

Pierre Garcon
"Another day another grind"
How I See It: Life sucks without Peyton.

Alexander Ovechkin
"RT @SergeyKocharov: Named after Alex Ovechkin, Eighttofasttocatch the favorite at Maryland Million Classic Thx @k ..."
How I See It: A racehorse named after Ovechkin? Really?

Joe Maddon
"We said at the beginning of the year we were going to have to find another way. We're set up to do that."
How I See It: @bostonredsox, you know what I'm talking about.

David Ortiz
"Thanks to my exmanager Terry Francona for all the memories and great time...."
How I See It: Yeah, he gets it.

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