Andrew Bynum
How I See It: Oh, don't worry. You definitely did. Have fun missing those five games next season.

Lamar Odom
"Who's watchin' #khloeandLamar CT?"
How I See It: Not Dirk Nowitzki.

Jason Terry
"Wanna thank all the MAV fams way to show the world who the best fans in the world are 8 to go ctc"
How I See It: Did they make all those threes go in? Stop being so humble.

Earvin Magic Johnson
"I'm still proud of the @Lakers. Thank you for 3 straight finals appearances and 2 championships. They will be back strong next season."
How I See It: You played for the Lakers, you do a lot business with them, you're a little biased. I'm fine with that. But really? You're "proud" of them?

Dirk Nowitzki
"I know I'm late. I was busy yesterday. Happy mothersday to all beautiful moms out there."
How I See It: Come on, Dirk. The score was 122-86. Would it have killed you to take one second out of your life to tweet this on Sunday?

Scottie Pippen
"Is it true Lakers is on suicide watch?"
How I See It: No, crime watch. Probation.

Blake Griffin
"Wow Jason Terry's interveiw was beyond funny. Did nobody else catch that?"
How I See It: Is that really what you're chuckling at? Or are you just amused by the changing of the guard in LA?

Greg Anthony
"did the Lakers get swept?"
How I See It: Fact.

Jason Kidd
"All you MFFLs have really brought the energy at the games. You keep us playing hard."
How I See It: And thanks for driving our opponents crazy.

Matt Barnes
"My little guys got their game cuts crackn ready for the mavs."
How I See It: Unfortunately, you weren't ready. Sasha Vujacic retains his title as the Lakers' best fourth-option off the bench in the past decade.

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Mark Sanchez
""Hey Mama" -Kanye West #happymothersday"
How I See It: Just what every mother wants to hear today … "Hey."

Kevin Boss
"Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mother! She truly is an angel among us! Wish I was with her on this day!"
How I See It: Given that you didn’t spend the day with your mom, I hope you got her a card because there is no way this Tweet will count.

Warrick Dunn
"At my sister's house celebrating Mother's Day then she turns on Michael Jackson dance game on the wii. Comical. they tired from dancing"
How I See It: Nothing like laughing at your mom on Mother’s Day? #confused

Mike Williams
"Mothers Day Massacre"
How I See It: That is no way to describe the Lakers' loss on a day like today. Shame on you.

Rashad Jennings
"#HappyMothersDay to all mothers out there! You are all special which is an understatement. I love you mom."
How I See It: For my personal safety, I’m not going to mock Rashad Jennings on how much he loves his mom.

Leigh Bodden
"Ok I'm over mothers day.... For Fathers day don't give me a tie, I want a Gas Gift Card"
How I See It: It’s not becoming when people ask for gifts, especially on holidays that do not belong to them AND one month beforehand.

Anthony Morrow
"Happy mothers day to all lil waynes baby mamas"
How I See It: There’s a line, Anthony. I think you just crossed it.

Jennie Finch
"Me on motherhood- Just when you thought you'd loved from the moon and back all of the sudden its to infinity and back."
How I See It: Either way, that’s just a ton of mileage of love.

Pierre Garcon
"I promise you the #Lakers will win today.....PG85 ;)"
How I See It: My mother always says don’t make promises you can’t keep #HappyMothersDay

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Steve Nash
"Since we caught Osama do I still have to take my laptop out at security?"
How I See It: What do you mean by "we?" I didn't know Canadians were considered Americans too, eh.

Shawne Merriman
"Guy just asked me about the lockout like I know wth is going on your guess is as good as mine bud #NFL"
How I See It: You said the same thing about PED testing...

Mike Tyson
"The principles of Islam are peace & love. Please don't confuse Osama's views as the view of Muslims."
How I See It: I could be wrong, but didn't this guy bite off part of another dude's ear (while fist-fighting him)?

Tiger Woods
"Big night at the tables with Mayer. He's cool. We both walked away winners."
How I See It: This should help your image.

John Wall
"It was a great honor to go to the White House Correspondents Dinner...enjoyed myself!!!"
How I See It: This is all John Wall heard throughout the night:

Freddy Adu
"@SteveNash never knew u were such a big soccer fan. I knew u liked it but damn u on it like the rest of us that actually play everyday."
How I See It: You play every day? But you're not very goo ... never mind.

Phil Hughes
"Looks nasty outside! Wow"
How I See It: Three places the Yankees may have sent Phil Hughes: Siberia, the minor leagues or Citi Field.

Matthew Barnaby
"Man that ovie is terrible when he gets a little space!!"
How I See It: Coming from the ultimate scorer himself ...

Speedy Claxton
"Put the kids to bed... Finally getting some grub"
How I See It: At 9:10! Well, that was speedy.

John Calipari
"Read my comments on the Kentucky Combine & Derrick Rose being named NBA MVP - only at one place,!!"
How I See It: You know he's going to take full credit for this even if he hasn't taken anything for Rose since the SATs.

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Lance Armstrong
"Is it really already May?"
How I See It: Can you really not read a calendar?

Marshall Faulk
"Please don't tell me the heat can't close this one out."
How I See It: Yeah, they can finish games. It's not like you're watching the Knicks ...

Kenny Florian
"Definitely should have used my Net Jets gift credit I got for my bday last year. Mom got me a $9.38 gift card."
How I See It: So your Mom got you the gift card equivalent to the amount of extra change in her purse?

Kevin Durant
"Tough game, but we have to stay positive! Thanks for the inspiration!! Back to work tomorrow!"
How I See It: Those are a ton of exclamation points for a 13-point loss.

Jay Feely
"Rondo has 2 early fouls. They can't afford to lose him to foul trouble."
How I See It: Jay Feely: NFL kicker by day. NBA analyst by night.

Apolo Ohno
"Why is ray Allen the only guy on the court not sweating? #AnotherGeneticFreak #MakesItLookEasy #theNailNtheCoffin"
How I See It: Those are the most creative hashtags I’ve seen in quite some time #hashtagKING

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