Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz, by many accounts, is being treated unfairly. The 32-year-old UFC fighter has been hit with a five-year ban for testing positive for marijuana use in January.

That ban, issued by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, more or less ends his professional fighting career. When it ends, he'll be 37 and coming off years of inactivity, Diaz won't be able to do much in the fighting octagon. People are upset.

Most of those people are devoted MMA fans, but Cher is pretty peeved as well. The singer and pop icon went to Twitter to help advocate for Diaz and push the NSAC to overturn its ban.

Cher's help in circulating that petition is one of the rare moments the star has involved herself in sports. Her Twitter is mostly absent of any references to sports or their stars, although she's not opposed to throwing down an opinion where she's got one.

Cher has some hot takes regarding tennis, for example:

Mostly, though, Cher sticks to the sidelines on sports. No doubt she was motivated by the injustice of Diaz's situation, which has outraged many as being an overly harsh punishment for marijuana use -- a substance that doesn't even offer a performance-enhancing element.

Cher did garner more than 1,000 retweets for that single tweet, giving a great boost to the petition and pushing the Diaz situation out in front of many people who wouldn't count themselves as MMA fans. That kind of exposure can only work in Diaz's favor.

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