Cardale Jones

The NFL season starts this week, but some Browns fans are ready to look ahead. For those not enchanted with Johnny Manziel as their franchise quarterback, they've got their eyes on a suitable replacement.

And so, there's only one goal for 2015: #FailForCardale.

After watching Cardale Jones get the starting job for Ohio State, and then proceed to carve up Virginia Tech, Browns fans want a shot at the Cleveland native -- and they're willing to punt on this upcoming season.

Not every Browns fan is on board with the tanking strategy, though -- and some are ashamed that the hashtag has earned so much attention:

Meanwhile, those outside of Cleveland are simply amused.

Jones had initially considered the NFL after rising from the No. 3 quarterback to lead Ohio State to the national championship -- and doing so in impressive fashion. After consulting with coach Urban Meyer, however, he decided he had plenty to gain from another year with the Buckeyes.

Clearly, though, the small sample size from last year's performances was no fluke. Plenty of football remains, but Jones is shaping up to be an NFL draft pick next spring. The Browns do have Manziel (and starter Josh McCown) under center, but if Jones looks like a solid talent, it might be worth moving up in the draft to nab the Cleveland native. (And the #suckforluck campaign worked out OK for the Colts.)

Even so, it's a long season in both college and the NFL. For now, there's football to be played.

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