Most kids will not grow up to be NFL players. That is the hard truth some youth players struggle accepting.

A viral photo breaks down the odds of making the NFL. The photo, tweeted Monday morning by Florida Gators' beat reporter Scott Carter, is straight with players:

The infographic explains there are more than 1 million high school football players, 6.5 percent of those players make NCAA programs and 1.6 percent of the NCAA pool reaches the NFL. At the pro level, players are "lucky" to get three years out of their skill and health.

The image reminds students of the importance of college education, as mentioned in the fine print. At a time when the rights of college athletes are discussed, and TV programs such as "Ballers" and "Hard Knocks" show the uncertainty of NFL life, this photo is relevant, especially after the first weekend of the college football season.

Carter notes the numbers are from a 2013 NCAA study and he says the image came from a school in California. Former Detroit News writer Jerry Green says the photo is from Folsom High School in California.

The origin of the photo does not matter. The facts matter.

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