Donald Trump has given his opinion on the nation's pressing issues since he declared his candidacy June 16. He talks about topics from immigration to the economy to education to foreign affairs. It took more than three months, but Trump has finally chimed in on America's most important question: is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback?

Unbelievable. Give High Sock Sunday, a St. Louis Cardinals blog, credit. It asked the question, and Trump gave his answer. Here is the transcript:

"I think Joe Flacco is actually a very elite quarterback. He won a Super Bowl. He did it really to a certain extent with that great arm of his. I would say absolutely he is an elite quarterback."

"Is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback?" is an ongoing joke by football blogger PFTCommenter. He went to the Aug. 6 Republican debate in Cleveland and held up a sign with the aforementioned question.

A few weeks later, he trolled Today.

PFTCommenter proposed the "Is Joe Flacco elite?" debate back in July 2013. The 30-year-old Flacco has 26,032 passing yards and 150 touchdown passes in 114 career NFL games. He has never missed a start in seven-plus seasons and has led the Ravens to the playoffs six out of seven years. He has a Super Bowl MVP award and a ring, but he has never played in the Pro Bowl (denied 2015 invite). He lost to the Raiders this past Sunday.

In other words, Flacco is on the border of elite and non-elite quarterback-status.

On Monday, Trump answered questions from the Twitter NYC headquarters using the hashtag #AskTrump. It appears someone in his public relations team understands the joke.

Although Trump gives Flacco the benefit of the doubt on being elite, he does not call Flacco a "total winner," despite having a Super Bowl title. Clearly, there is room for Flacco to improve.

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