Duke Ihenacho

The NFL has a very strict policy regarding its uniforms, routinely fining players for the most slight of infractions. Compared to the NBA and Major League Baseball, both of which offer a little more latitude in personal self-expression, the NFL has a policy that makes many players feel oppressed.

Duke Ihenacho, an offseason signing by Washington, took his grievances straight to the league office. Where he sought sensible answers, he found an even more frustration. In a series of posts to Twitter, Ihenacho details the conversation:

Ihenacho also had a short-and-sweet response to criticisms that, for as much as he's paid, he shouldn't be complaining about uniform rules.

Ihenacho makes some great points: the way the NFL has cracked down on uniform rules, touchdown celebrations and other forms of player expression do seem to be in an effort of creating a more homogenous on-field product.

In the NBA, by contrast, stars make the league -- and the NBA recognizes that. The NFL seems to think the football product is what people buy, not the individual players.

Clearly, professional players don't want to be treated that way. Iheanacho makes some strong points, but don't expect anything different from the NFL.

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