Adam Schefter

In an ESPN Front Row article written four years ago, the company described Adam Schefter's job in the following way:

"The key to all of his work is a small but handy cell phone. He works day and night and around the country through his phone."

When Schefter was accidentally terminated by ESPN Friday morning, the company's football guru lost his mojo.

Since 2011, Schefter's devices have multiplied. It is not just about one phone anymore. In a 2014 article in The Washington Post, Schefter was revealed to use an iPhone to talk and a BlackBerry to type, not to mention the computers and other devices he uses when access is available. Schefter is constantly on the phone with sources trying to release news before his competitors. He attended zero games in the 2013 season, but served as the most powerful breaking news reporter.

Schefter has 3.97 million Twitter followers, more than @POTUS (3.74 million) and Donald Trump (3.81 million).

Schefter borrowed a device to tweet an update:

While Schefter was "fired," he got support from friends such as former colleague Rachel Nichols (although he did not have a working phone to see such messages):

When Schefter started at ESPN in 2009, the company did not know he needed an unlimited phone plan.

If there was ever a time to punch a quarterback or negotiate with a free agent without word leaking, today is the day. Schefter does not get caught napping often.

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