One year after being snubbed for the United States' World Cup roster, Landon Donovan is still bitter.

Or is he?

While watching the United States defeat Germany in the Women's World Cup semifinals, the retired MLS star and former national team captain sent a tweet that appeared to be a dig at national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann. But the next day he walked the initial tweet back.

Here's the first tweet about Abby Wambach, the leading scorer in men's or women's international soccer, who came off the bench against Germany for the third time this tournament.

At the risk of reading too much into a tweet, it sure seems like Donovan is doing more than simply complimenting Wambach. He's ripped Klinsmann before for leaving him off last year's squad, and he continued to disparage the coach after the United States lost in the knockout stage.

Alexi Lalas, the former national team member and current ESPN soccer analyst, had this funny rebuke for Donovan:

On Wednesday, Donovan attempted to clarify his tweet, claiming he meant it as honest praise for Wambach and nothing more:

This seems more like damage control than clarification, because even if Donovan really didn't have any ulterior meaning to the initial tweet, he should have realized many people would see a pointed criticism of Klinsman. The initial tweet has gotten upwards of two thousand retweets, more than any other message Donovan has sent out during the Women's World Cup.

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