ESPN's Adam Schefter is one of the most dogged reporters in sports. He's constantly breaking stories on his Twitter feed, and the tireless 48-year-old was even dubbed a "NFL reporting machine" by the Washington Post.

Schefter enhanced his reputation Wednesday with a bold move that caught many observers off guard.

Schefter tweeted a photo of Jason Pierre-Paul's medical records to prove that the New York Giants defensive end had a finger amputated after a Fourth of July fireworks accident.

Schefter did not reveal how he got those images, but questions were immediately raised regarding the ethics of publishing private medical records. Even the Giants' trainer couldn't get access to Pierre-Paul, yet somehow Schefter got his hands on these records.

Some on Twitter wondered whether Schefter violated the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which protects the privacy of certain healthcare information.

At one point late Wednesday, both "Adam Schefter" and "HIPAA" were trending on Twitter.

Legal and medical experts say it's not Schefter who violated the law, rather it's whoever took the photo and sent it to ESPN.

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