In a popular segment called "Superlatives," Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon dedicated part of Wednesday night's show to featuring the Tampa Bay Lightning and Chicago Blackhawks. The comedy bit uses less-than-flattering pictures and pairs them with creative, funny captions.

It's always a well-received bit, even when viewers don't know the people in the photos, usually because the pictures and captions stand on their own. Imagine the type of photo paired with the superlative, "most likely to star in Aladdin on ice." Hint: It's shockingly close to what you would expect.

Anyways, all is fair in love and comedy. On Thursday, the Lightning shot back at Fallon with a legitimately great superlative of their own:

Beyond being great exposure for the NHL, this has proven to be a worthwhile exchange. No word yet on whether Fallon has seen it, but if he finds the response funny it might make an appearance on his Thursday night show.

Here's the full segment, if you haven't seen it:

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