Remember, kids: There's a reason elevators have capacity limits. If you were to, say, pack 24 college baseball players into a single elevator, you shouldn't be surprised if the elevator, hypothetically speaking, broke down and trapped all 24 of you inside.

Funny enough, this recently happened to Nebraska's baseball team. In Minneapolis to take on conference rival Minnesota, no less than two dozen of them crammed into an elevator for reasons unknown. Perhaps they were going to be late for practice. Perhaps the hotel's continental breakfast was about to shut down for the day.

The motivation is unimportant. What is important: those Huskers totally got stuck.

Fortunately, smartphones were on-scene to capture the mayhem:

Lastly, here's video of the sardines finally getting unpacked:

That's great to hear the team learned its lesson. Of much greater concern: that this lesson needed to be taught in the first place.

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