Determined not to let a natural disaster get the bulk of the media's attention, Colin Kaepernick inserted himself into the chaos consuming Texas, posting an insensitive photo to Instagram regarding the flooding that shut down the Houston area Monday night.

Kaepernick has recently embraced the hashtag #7tormsComing, which is his personal pledge to be a force on the football field next season. (Kaepernick wears No. 7 for the San Francisco 49ers.) He uses it in a number of different ways, many of them meaningless except to show his consistent focus on his football goals.

After the flooding in Houston, though, Kaepernick used the hashtag in a different way -- to tease the city and playfully suggest that the disaster was a product of messing with the quarterback.

The weekend flooding has killed at least two people, with at least 40 more people still missing.

Kaepernick deleted the post from his Instagram feed soon after publishing it. He used Twitter to apologize:

Between his football and his poor PR judgment, though, isn't it somewhat poetic that Kaepernick has nicknamed himself after a natural disaster?

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