When you want to cut work to do something fun, how do you go about asking? Do you send an email or bring it up casually, or do you solicit help from an NFL superstar?

You probably haven't done the latter. Ashlee Sanchez did, though, because she's bold and daring. She bought tickets to J.J. Watt's charity softball game, which will be held this Friday, but hadn't gotten the day off from work.

So she reached out to Watt for help, and his response was answered better than she could have hoped for.

"The thing is, I have no authority to excuse her, only you do" Watt writes to Sanchez's boss. "What I will say, is that she purchased tickets to this sold-out event and she is willing to drive five hours to come support us and help raise money, which in turn is going to change the lives of many young kids."

Sanchez will most definitely be showing the note to her boss -- if he hasn't seen it on the Internet already.

So far, though, Sanchez hasn't heard either way from her boss. According to her Twitter, Wednesday is her first day at this new job, which means she is walking in the door immediately asking to take her third day of work off.

Sure, it's not a great look for a new employee. But come on, boss, you can't say no now. We all know about it -- if you say no, you'll basically be the worst boss in the country.

Do it for the children.

UPDATE: Ashlee's boss has indeed given her permission to go to the softball game. Her boss, the the District Clerk of Cameron County in Texas, wrote his own message to J.J. Watt, saying he approved of Ashlee's community involvement.

Of course, Eric Garza also managed to throw in a "Go Cowboys!" cheer at the end. But Watt should be able to forgive that jab.

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