With a harmless tweet meant to acknowledge and celebrate MLB's Opening Day, Hostess embarrassed itself mightily.

Or did it?

Here's the message sent out by the snack company:

It doesn't take a diehard sports fan to notice something weird with this ad. Baseball, of course, does not have touchdowns.

Here are some of the reactions from the Twitterverse:

The folks over at Sports Illustrated pointed the error out to Hostess, which responded with a humorous tweet:

The original tweet has been retweeted and favorited more than 1,000 times, which is a much greater level of engagement than any of Hostess' other tweets has earned. This leads one to think, might this all have been a marketing ploy?

More than a few people think this is Hostess' sly way of earning publicity:

Whether Hostess intended the tweet to say "touchdown" or not, the fact that it has garnered so much attention likely means the snack company picked up a big win on Opening Day.

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