This little girl isn't the only one heartbroken to see Jimmy Graham shipped from the New Orleans Saints to the Seattle Seahawks.

Drew Brees, who connected with Graham for 51 touchdown passes over the course of five seasons, was also devastated to see his top target traded. Perhaps knowing that a picture speaks a thousand words, Brees on Wednesday tweeted this photo of his son wearing a Jimmy Graham jersey:

When reached for comment, this is what Brees had to say:

Making the situation all the more troubling for Brees is the fact that his monster contract (he is owed $26.4 million and $27.4 million over the next two years) may have made it nearly impossible for the Saints to resign Graham.

Graham had some issues with the Saints organization during his time in New Orleans, but he and Brees were always close. Even after reports surfaced in 2014 that Graham was annoyed when Brees said the team was prepared to move on with or without Graham, the Pro Bowl tight end claimed there was no beef.

"Nah," Graham told ESPN The Magazine. "No, Drew's my guy. I love Drew."

Graham had good reason to love Brees. Other than the fact that Brees is widely recognized as one of the nicest men in the NFL, he is also largely responsible for the rise in Graham's star. With the help of Brees, Graham has been voted to three Pro Bowls and is one of the most feared pass catchers in the league. Without Brees, experts say, Graham would likely be a good-but-not-great player.

Fortunately for Graham, he should be in a pretty good situation with his new Pro Bowl quarterback, Russell Wilson.

Many of Graham's former teammates joined Brees in expressing surprise and frustration with the deal.

Brees has been fortunate to play with a pair of tight ends in Graham and Antonio Gates who may wind up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Suffice it to say the man who succeeds Graham has some big shoes to fill.

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