Magic Johnson isn't shy about dispensing advice where he sees fit. In his estimation, Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III needs some help getting his act together.

And Magic knows what he needs. From the NBA Hall of Famer's point of view, RG3 has been consumed with focus on his brand, even as his performance on the football field has suffered. A big part of his problem? Social media, says Magic.

"I don't want to see him on social media," Johnson said on ESPN Radio earlier this week. "I don't want him to talk about his workouts, lifting weights, because, oh, he's great. What I want him to do is show me that he's working on his technique to be a better football player and a better quarterback.

"That's the only thing I want to see, because that's what everybody's going to judge him by.”

A lot of people have felt it was their place to chime in on Griffin's practice and preparation habits, and his play has done nothing to stifle those criticisms. But Griffin also has a reputation of being quietly combative and adopting a me-against-the-world mindset.

Johnson went on to explain that, for as brand-savvy as anyone might be, branding only goes so far. The biggest strides, meanwhile, are made on the field. he points to Tom Brady has a fantastic brand, but that it was developed solely through his on-field success. Thanks to his product as a proven winner and great quarterback, Brady now enjoys a personal brand that carries beyond the gridiron.

That's the kind of brand with staying power. And Griffin, he points out, is a long, long way from reaching that point.

It isn't clear if Griffin heard Magic's comments about him, but even if he didn't, he posted a fairly telling picture to Instagram the day after Magic's interview:

First Work Out Done. Work. #NuffSaid

A photo posted by Robert Griffin III (@rgiii) on

Not long after, Griffin also used social media to announce his wife's pregnancy. Hard to fault him for his excitement. But if he wants his kid to grow up the child of an NFL starter, he's got some progress to make.

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